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Robert Munro

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House of Cards – Season 3

House of Cards – Season 3

House of Cards

Dirty Pleasure

I finally got around to watching House of Cards season 3 on Netflix and feel I have to say one thing.

Am I the only one out there that wants to see Frank win?

It may be that the complete incompetence of pretty much all modern politicians has led us to this point but it doesn’t stop us voting for them.

He may be a dangerous psychopath with some serious egotistical and anger issues but it seems clear that watching someone who actually appears to be relatively effective at his profession trumps all moral issues. Having the ability to actually get the job done is something we see so little of in our current batch of leaders.

It makes me feel dirty to think that despite his weaknesses actually witnessing someone who is prepared to think reason and execute strategy seems quite appealing. He even manages to use a computer all by himself.

I find myself cheering him on.

Like some plebeian in ancient Rome I lust after the blood and gore of an effective leader, a general capable of conquering the barbarians so we can all triumph in his glorious return. Sure he breaks every rule in the book and ultimately looks out for himself first and foremost but it certainly beats another round of the meaningless sound bite and empty rhetoric that have to put up with on the real news.

There is no dull moment with Frank Underwood as President.

The New Season

Like the previous two seasons this season of House of Cards is simply exquisite.

The acting from Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright is exceptional and the supporting cast of psychopaths and sociopaths is equally as good. Special credit goes to Michael Kelly and Daniel Cecil for their portrayals of Doug Stamper and Seth Grayson respectively. It is not what they say, more what you can infer from the prolonged silence that follows every confrontation. Control is everything.

If you are looking to take over the known world these are the men you will need to back you up.

All the usual style and visuals are back for more. The technique of breaking the third wall has become a staple but now that he is President, Frank can introduce us to a whole new form of manic behaviour that seems so out of place to the presidential setting. There are not many televisions shows that can get away with showing a character urinating on his father’s grave, let alone one where the character is the most important man in the world. I think deep down we all know that this is unrealistic but there were probably some isolated incidents involving Presidents in the past that would have raised a few eyebrows.

Plot wise it barely moves on. No spoilers here but I genuinely thought that it would cover a greater span of time and move the story on further. Looks like there will certainly be at least 2 more series if the writers are moving at this pace. No bad thing in my opinion.

Overall if you have not had the chance to watch House of Cards then I would strongly advise that you do.

For my money it is the best television show available on either side of the Atlantic at the moment.

Having the entire series available in one go is a glorious experience and I genuinely think this is the future of television. Netflix have led the way and they should be applauded, not just for making top notch television, but for their sound commercial insight in just giving people what they want.


Frank Underwood
Frank Underwood taking some time out from ruling the world